Industrial infrastructure

In Miskolc several industrial areas are under preparation or development process for hosting investment projects.

Southern Industrial Park

Mechatronics Industrial Park

Investment incentives

National level – HIPA

  • Project management
  • Supplier search
  • Incentives
  • Hungarian Investment Projects
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For Miskolc, as location for projects, it is of major importance that the maximal 50% subsidy can be awarded to the applicants of the subsidies mentioned above (Obj. Region 1.)

Regional level – Regional Labor Center

  • Employment Subsidy (wage + contribution support)
  • Training Subsidy

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Local level – Investment Incentives provided by the Municipality of Miskolc

The services belonging to the programme to develop business and stimulate investment may be basic services, advanced services and premium services (hereafter, jointly: services), which constitute service-packages (hereafter: service-package). The individual service-packages build on each other, such that those taking advantage of the advanced services are entitled to take advantage of the basic services too; and those taking advantage of the premium services are entitled to take advantage of both the advanced services and the basic services.

Basic services

Within this package of the programme for developing businesses and stimulating investments enterprises can choose from two subservice-packages. These packages include up to par services, which are needed for successful business establishment and development.


Advanced services

With the advanced service package the City grants a wide range of assistance and services to businesses. These businesses are automatically entitled to take advantage of the basic services as well, since the service packages build on each other.


Premium services

With this service package the City of Miskolc wants to specially support businesses. The basic and advanced services complete the elements of this package.