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Research and development - Invest in Miskolc

Ipari infrastruktúra

In Miskolc several industrial areas are under preparation or development process for hosting investment projects.

Southern Industrial Park

Mechatronics Industrial Park

Research and development

R+D+I Infrastructure

Miskolc has R+D+I capacity of critical mass
  • University of Miskolc, the largest technical higher education institute in the countryside
  • Regional institutes of the Bay Zoltán Applied Research Foundation seated in Miskolc
    • Nanotechnology Research Institute
    • Logistics and Production Technology Institute
  • The North – Hungarian center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is located in Miskolc
  • The developments in Miskolc are supported by the Regional Innovation Council
  • The North Hungarian region has an approved innovation strategy

Miskolc is the center of the R+D+I blood circulation of the region

  • The regional development institutes are located in Miskolc
  • A wide range of innovation services are available in Miskolc
  • The Regional University Knowledge Center is located in Miskolc
  • Miskolc is the center of a number of regional clusters

Miskolc regional R+D+I basis

  • One of the biggest and most modern research bases of Hungary, the „Science Park Miskolc”, is being built in Miskolc
  • The most sophisticated R+D+I tools can be hired in the frame of much more favorable financial constructions than the market conditions
  • The infrastructure of the University of Miskolc can be used in a complementary, synergic way
  • Innovation consultation services are also available
  • Miskolc, as a Development Pole, enjoys priority when the project applications are assessed, the enterprises operating here can apply for several EU and Hungarian subsidies.
  • The spin-off and start-up enterprises can participate in incubation functions