Industrial infrastructure

In Miskolc several industrial areas are under preparation or development process for hosting investment projects.

Southern Industrial Park

Mechatronics Industrial Park

Why Miskolc?

Miskolc has especially high potential also on European and national level, thus it is an ideal location for industrial/logistics facilities offering comprehensive package for the investors in the field of

  • Industrial infrastructure
  • R+D+I capacity
  • Human infrastructure of appropriate qualification
  • Subsidies and investment incentives
  • Recreation possibilities


  • Miskolc got the Investment Friend Settlement Award for the third time (2009, 2012, 2016)
  • Miskolc has uniquely favorable logistic situation:
    • 3 countries are available within a distance of 150 km
    • Miskolc is connected to the European highway network by the M3-M30 highways
    • Construction of highway connecting Miskolc and Kosice with the support of the Hungarian Government until 2018
    • Miskolc will be part of „Via Carpathia” transport corridor to be implemented by 2026
    • The hourly InterCity trains provide comfortable transportation to the capital city and to the other big cities
    • There is a number of airports nearby
      • Klementina Airport, Mezőkövesd (45 km) (under construction)
      • Kosice International Airport (84 km)
      • Debrecen International Airport (119 km)
      • Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (200 km)
      • Miskolc Airport (a grass field of 800 m - for sport airplanes, smaller private planes)
    • Miskolc is a regional railway node
    • Modern public transportation (31 new SKODA trams, 75 CNG-fuelled buses)
  • The appropriate infrastructure is at disposal
    • Industrial infrastructure
    • R+D+I infrastructure: research institutions, the University of Miskolc
  • We have favorable business offer for you: The most favorable business offer in the region with flexible financial and infrastructural conditions
  • Available high subsidy intensity: in case of a development project located in Miskolc the highest subsidy intensity as per the regional subsidy map accepted by the European Union can be achieved
  • Ready-to-go investment: suitable construction regulations
  • Brand new infrastructure is waiting for you
  • Qualified local work force is available at competitive prices
  • The appropriate supply chain can be organized in the region: the companies settling down in Miskolc can organize the appropriate supply chain in the region (automotive industry, mechanical industry, chemical industry, IT)